It's HIGH TIME I got back here!

Hey everyone! The high season (for crafter's,) has come upon me too fast this year! And I have been in a state of shock...first things first...went to Fiskafriendzy New England and HOLY MOLY that was AWESOME! I've got only a couple of pics to share seeing as I didn't have my CAMERA! (I know...what kind of scrapper am I????)

But Thank God for Gee Lee whom had her cam and thought to have this pic taken of us! Woo hoo!

First off...if you don't know what a Fiskateer is or what is a Fiska-Friendzy let me just say this...GO JOIN and GO to one of these events when they come to a place near you next time!!! You'll post all about it and you'll thank me!!! ^_^

We made sooo many wonderful friends and got pampered and treated to sooo many wonderful things that I really have no go join it right now!

What else have I been up to...well, I VOTED for the FIRST time ever!!!! That was awesome! Since I'm a VERY new citizen I was very excited to vote in the historic elections and be part of history! I truely will never forget it! And of course I'm working on my beautiful patriotic lLO! But here's just one pic of was going on it... So stay tuned for that!

What else have I been working on...well thanksgiving cards for one...thanksgiving table deco's and then yesterday I was sooo tired of looking at orange and brown that I worked on Christmas cards...

I had sooo much fun making them...oh good gosh my new obsetion is taking OVERRR!

I'll post some more later...stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

Online Fiskateer Crop!

This weekend the Fiskateer site had an online crop all day Saturday! Our hostess with Fiskalegend May! She was ab-so-fab-u-awe-some!! ^_^

Anywho..this was my first ever online crop and it was sooo Great!! I had so much fun trying to get my challenges in! and I actually completed two...Challenge number 2 and number 3!
I couldn't even believe I worked so fast...seeing as I started at around 8pm AND DEADLINE was at 11:30EST.

Challenge number 2 was create using a list of items! So I made this cute Christmas Card! And challenge number 3 was scraplift from another fiskafriend or from the fiskars site! This one was especially difficult for me! I COULDN'T DECIDE!!!!
So I said to myself...first person to comment on your card submission will be your "Liftee!!!" It was Great! Jaci, a fiskafriend had really simple LO's and they were perfect to finish in under an hour! So I did the LO you see above!

And guess what the icing on this incredible night was...I WON! I don't know for which or for what other challenges I complete or even what prize I'm getting, all I know is my name was on the winners list! I WON! ~~~I'm still in shock!

Til next time...leave me some bloggy love!

I'm sooo proud of this LO!

So...I've noticed that I'm a scrapper but all I've posted have been cards! Yeah...i guess I've been on a card kick! ^_^ But here's a LO I'm very proud of and had to SHARE!
Some of you have seen the complete two page LO of this...but I'm a but shy and don't really like showing my face...<`_`> So I'm only showing here the title from the first page and the full LO from the second!
This was my first attempt at mosaic work and I LOVED it!
The flowers are velvets from the UK. And the journaling is a poem you've heard in various films these last couple of years, like Akeela and the Bee or Coach Carter. "What is your greatest fear" I don't know the author.
Thanks for looking and let me know what ya think!

Oy Vey it's been toooo long!

Hey folks! I've been sooo busy that I have not had a chance to get in here and post! I'm sure it's bummed you out as much as it bumms me out! Anywho... I created this cute little card and had to share!

My youngest had a Birthday at the beginning of the month and ASKED me to MAKE him a "Special" card. He told me his favorite colors and what he wanted it to looked like! He even told me I should put ribbon like I do me other cards! I thought he was soooo mature and CUTE about the whole thing!

Cute Quick and Easy Card!

I've been loving these new clear stamps I've gotten over at Jo---! Only for a Dollar! Have you seen these...they are small and usually come 4, (sometime even 5, like in my side picture!) to a small pack!
~note: I use a different pack of stamps in my actual card.

Anyway...I love them and I made this quick card for you as my demo.

Cut plain card stock 4 by 10
Fold in middle.
Open top flap and cut off 1 inch.
Refold. (Card looks uneven, right? Good!)

Cut patterned paper 3 by 3.
Tape in middle of top flap.

I used a small clear "wave stamp " for my bottom border and as an accent on top left corner.

I used a small clear "you are special" stamp.
And finished card off with 3 small punchies flowers and one "flower window" punchie.

Have you thought about this?

I have been thinking for sometime now about how to start my own scrapbooking business and I found the answer!

Dawn from ScrapVenture Pro is an amazing coach and writer and she lays it out sooo easily in her ecourses, on how YOU and I can do it too!

Click Here!

Her course is JAM packed with information to get you started and to guide you thru this decision of scrapping for others!
Check it out and let me know if you've signed up! Or even better send me your link so I can check out your store!

Back to School!

Hey everyone...
I know it's been awhile but I've finally made it over here!

Summer's over and school have started for the kids! I feel so happy and blessed that God has taken care of us this summer and all of our needs!

So to celebrate back to school I wanted to show some very simple cards that I made! These are thank you notes for the teachers and their hard work for the first week of school! I hope you enjoy!

The best thing about these cards is that they took 10 minutes to make!

How? You may ask!

Simply cut your rectangle out for the card. each of these is a different size.

Let's take the top left corner card. Cut your choice of color paper 3X7. If you have a "maple leaf" punch, cut out some leaves! If you don't, you could buy pre-made ones.
Fold your card. Glue your leaves.

Now I stamped twice on this card. Once for the "thanks a bunch" lettering, which you could totally write in, but since I don't like my penmanship I bought this neat little stamp! LOL...
The second is the flower border along the bottom. This too can be drawn in or not even added if you like!

I'll be back to give you instruction on card two and three.

How do I start Scrapbooking?

So many of my friends ask me about how do they the past i used to refer them to certain Scrap booking websites, then when i saw they got more confused I started teaching them's my way of teaching the love of Scrapping!

1-Grab only ONE picture! This I find is easier to tackle than saying grab 3- 5. Usually that ends with a very frustrated and hysterical high pitched voice at the other end of the line screaming..."WELL, WHICH ONESSSSSSS???? I LOVE THEM ALLLLLLL!!!!"
~~So I say...grab one! The more recent the better! If you have one from last week you don’t particularly like...grab your camera and take a picture right now! :>

2-Look at the picture and decide what is it your truly love about it the colors...the attire...the light in it...what is it that MOVED your hand to choose that picture. Keep that thought in mind and go choose two color papers from your local store! This leads us to Number 3!

3-All you need to start is 2 papers! You will honestly loose yourself inside of these mega stores...or even the small ones! The amount of goodies that are there for you to drool over...well, let's just say I've been there...and I've become dehydrated!If the papers can be one UN-patterned and one with...then you've really cooked with gas!

4-The last thing you need is an adhesive. This again can be overwhelming, but I usually say, grab the easiest one...double sided tape! "BUT LEAHHHHH, how about the glue or the roller thingy or the dots or the...." NO! RESIST! Later we will have fun with those...

Last step!

5-Take you picture and place it on your paper. Cut around away from the picture about half an inch...if you can't eye ball it...use that ruler that your child has and measure it. This has now become your mat. Place on your other paper with the adhesive. And all those wonderful feelings about why you chose your picture in the first place...WRITE THEM DOWN! This has now become your journaling!

"That's it? There's got to be more??"Of course there is more my friend...but what is important is that you remembered the beautiful reason why you TOOK the picture in the first place and that you've captured it into words and a great way of displaying that photo! Right?... RIGHT!

Next time we'll embellish...YUMMM!

Welcome to the blog...

This is a place where we can have a small time of fellowship and share our scrapping ideas with each other! I will be adding content about every other day.

Devotionals, prayer requests, praises and of course discussing Scrapbooking techniques, ideas and fun for all challenges!

Let's have fun and praise the Lord thru our Scrapping!