How do I start Scrapbooking?

So many of my friends ask me about how do they the past i used to refer them to certain Scrap booking websites, then when i saw they got more confused I started teaching them's my way of teaching the love of Scrapping!

1-Grab only ONE picture! This I find is easier to tackle than saying grab 3- 5. Usually that ends with a very frustrated and hysterical high pitched voice at the other end of the line screaming..."WELL, WHICH ONESSSSSSS???? I LOVE THEM ALLLLLLL!!!!"
~~So I say...grab one! The more recent the better! If you have one from last week you don’t particularly like...grab your camera and take a picture right now! :>

2-Look at the picture and decide what is it your truly love about it the colors...the attire...the light in it...what is it that MOVED your hand to choose that picture. Keep that thought in mind and go choose two color papers from your local store! This leads us to Number 3!

3-All you need to start is 2 papers! You will honestly loose yourself inside of these mega stores...or even the small ones! The amount of goodies that are there for you to drool over...well, let's just say I've been there...and I've become dehydrated!If the papers can be one UN-patterned and one with...then you've really cooked with gas!

4-The last thing you need is an adhesive. This again can be overwhelming, but I usually say, grab the easiest one...double sided tape! "BUT LEAHHHHH, how about the glue or the roller thingy or the dots or the...." NO! RESIST! Later we will have fun with those...

Last step!

5-Take you picture and place it on your paper. Cut around away from the picture about half an inch...if you can't eye ball it...use that ruler that your child has and measure it. This has now become your mat. Place on your other paper with the adhesive. And all those wonderful feelings about why you chose your picture in the first place...WRITE THEM DOWN! This has now become your journaling!

"That's it? There's got to be more??"Of course there is more my friend...but what is important is that you remembered the beautiful reason why you TOOK the picture in the first place and that you've captured it into words and a great way of displaying that photo! Right?... RIGHT!

Next time we'll embellish...YUMMM!

Welcome to the blog...

This is a place where we can have a small time of fellowship and share our scrapping ideas with each other! I will be adding content about every other day.

Devotionals, prayer requests, praises and of course discussing Scrapbooking techniques, ideas and fun for all challenges!

Let's have fun and praise the Lord thru our Scrapping!