Online Fiskateer Crop!

This weekend the Fiskateer site had an online crop all day Saturday! Our hostess with Fiskalegend May! She was ab-so-fab-u-awe-some!! ^_^

Anywho..this was my first ever online crop and it was sooo Great!! I had so much fun trying to get my challenges in! and I actually completed two...Challenge number 2 and number 3!
I couldn't even believe I worked so fast...seeing as I started at around 8pm AND DEADLINE was at 11:30EST.

Challenge number 2 was create using a list of items! So I made this cute Christmas Card! And challenge number 3 was scraplift from another fiskafriend or from the fiskars site! This one was especially difficult for me! I COULDN'T DECIDE!!!!
So I said to myself...first person to comment on your card submission will be your "Liftee!!!" It was Great! Jaci, a fiskafriend had really simple LO's and they were perfect to finish in under an hour! So I did the LO you see above!

And guess what the icing on this incredible night was...I WON! I don't know for which or for what other challenges I complete or even what prize I'm getting, all I know is my name was on the winners list! I WON! ~~~I'm still in shock!

Til next time...leave me some bloggy love!


TanishaRenee said...

adorable card and I just love all of the pics on your layout!!

Calv said...

Great LO, don't they just love to show they've lost a tooth at that age lol! Thanks for stopping by my blog, it led me back to yours. :)

retta519 said...

Online crops are great! So glad you enjoyed yourself. BIG Congratulations on the win!

scrapNdiva said...

you WON because your work is on point! might have to "scraplift" some stuff :)