Online Fiskateer Crop!

This weekend the Fiskateer site had an online crop all day Saturday! Our hostess with Fiskalegend May! She was ab-so-fab-u-awe-some!! ^_^

Anywho..this was my first ever online crop and it was sooo Great!! I had so much fun trying to get my challenges in! and I actually completed two...Challenge number 2 and number 3!
I couldn't even believe I worked so fast...seeing as I started at around 8pm AND DEADLINE was at 11:30EST.

Challenge number 2 was create using a list of items! So I made this cute Christmas Card! And challenge number 3 was scraplift from another fiskafriend or from the fiskars site! This one was especially difficult for me! I COULDN'T DECIDE!!!!
So I said to myself...first person to comment on your card submission will be your "Liftee!!!" It was Great! Jaci, a fiskafriend had really simple LO's and they were perfect to finish in under an hour! So I did the LO you see above!

And guess what the icing on this incredible night was...I WON! I don't know for which or for what other challenges I complete or even what prize I'm getting, all I know is my name was on the winners list! I WON! ~~~I'm still in shock!

Til next time...leave me some bloggy love!

I'm sooo proud of this LO!

So...I've noticed that I'm a scrapper but all I've posted have been cards! Yeah...i guess I've been on a card kick! ^_^ But here's a LO I'm very proud of and had to SHARE!
Some of you have seen the complete two page LO of this...but I'm a but shy and don't really like showing my face...<`_`> So I'm only showing here the title from the first page and the full LO from the second!
This was my first attempt at mosaic work and I LOVED it!
The flowers are velvets from the UK. And the journaling is a poem you've heard in various films these last couple of years, like Akeela and the Bee or Coach Carter. "What is your greatest fear" I don't know the author.
Thanks for looking and let me know what ya think!

Oy Vey it's been toooo long!

Hey folks! I've been sooo busy that I have not had a chance to get in here and post! I'm sure it's bummed you out as much as it bumms me out! Anywho... I created this cute little card and had to share!

My youngest had a Birthday at the beginning of the month and ASKED me to MAKE him a "Special" card. He told me his favorite colors and what he wanted it to looked like! He even told me I should put ribbon like I do me other cards! I thought he was soooo mature and CUTE about the whole thing!