It's HIGH TIME I got back here!

Hey everyone! The high season (for crafter's,) has come upon me too fast this year! And I have been in a state of shock...first things first...went to Fiskafriendzy New England and HOLY MOLY that was AWESOME! I've got only a couple of pics to share seeing as I didn't have my CAMERA! (I know...what kind of scrapper am I????)

But Thank God for Gee Lee whom had her cam and thought to have this pic taken of us! Woo hoo!

First off...if you don't know what a Fiskateer is or what is a Fiska-Friendzy let me just say this...GO JOIN and GO to one of these events when they come to a place near you next time!!! You'll post all about it and you'll thank me!!! ^_^

We made sooo many wonderful friends and got pampered and treated to sooo many wonderful things that I really have no go join it right now!

What else have I been up to...well, I VOTED for the FIRST time ever!!!! That was awesome! Since I'm a VERY new citizen I was very excited to vote in the historic elections and be part of history! I truely will never forget it! And of course I'm working on my beautiful patriotic lLO! But here's just one pic of was going on it... So stay tuned for that!

What else have I been working on...well thanksgiving cards for one...thanksgiving table deco's and then yesterday I was sooo tired of looking at orange and brown that I worked on Christmas cards...

I had sooo much fun making them...oh good gosh my new obsetion is taking OVERRR!

I'll post some more later...stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!