Prayer and Thanksgiving

Hey yall! I was looking over some card blogs this weekend and realized that there are some real beauties out there! I salute all of you! And I'm also so thankful that the Lord has blessed so many awesome women with such amazing creativity and craftyness!

So in that spirit of inspiration I made a card for my BFF. She's not feeling so great and I thought I'd cheer her up with this little token!

I used the CPS sketch for this card. I hope I did it justice! i was also inspired by the crispness in the air this morning when I was doing my morning devotionals . I love how the leaveswill be turning in the coming weeks!

Have a great day!

Birthday Treat

My son's Birthday 0
is coming up and i'm starting to prepare here is what his souveniers are going to look like. I actually made this for a Fiskateers challenge and got alot of love for it. What do you think?

Bookmark Challenge

Hey Fellow Crafters!

I've been loving the long summer and thought I'd share a bit of something. This summer we read alot of books in my house and to make it fun everyone had to have a special bookmark. here's just a couple examples of What I made for them!